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high royalty rates force online broadcasters off the air

high royalty rates are keeping some stations from streaming online. Philidelphia’s b101 pulled the plug on there online stream on March 15, 2009, in direct protest to the increasing cost of streaming music online. here is the link to a pdf of the press release containing more information. If you can’t read pdf files, just contact me and I will send you the text version I have. Recently, one of our local stations, star 101.5 quietly pulled there online stream. There sister station, KOMO still broadcasts there news format online. Star’s contact us page says that they pulled the stream due to the high cost of playing music online. I should also mention while we’re on the topic of radio stations, that KRAO-FM in Colfax, Washington is probably the best station I’ve ever found, but I don’t think they even stream online at all. Has anyone thought about the cost of streaming music online? I hadn’t really, and really don’t know how much it costs, although I’m pretty sure it depends on the s Continue reading

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