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The controversy of the adult hits radio format

The Adult Hits format, for those who don’t know, is the format usually known as Jack fm, Bob, Mike, or Ed can also be used however. this wikipedia article on the format states a known fact about most of the stations in the format, which is that a lot of times there are no djs, so songs are rarely announced. This is a problem that could easily be fixed, however. Denver’s AC station KOSI, Philledelphia’s b101, along with a handful of other stations, have a computer announce the artist and song title at the end of every song, so there is really no reason why a station that doesn’t have any live personalities can’t have the songs announced, as the stations linked above both have computers do it at the end of every song. Oh, and one more thing about these types of stations, what makes people think that they don’t have any personality? The station voices are usually pretty random on these types of stations. One thing that I do like about the format is that it won’t sound really strange that the station is automated overnight if you happen to be up before any dj comes in, it’ll just sound normal. Now I don’t know how much it would cost to start automating song announcements, but it would benefit the listener. Continue reading

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