Where is the Hot AC format going?

The better question is is most of today’s music geared toward the Hot AC genre? I was thinking about this one morning as I was getting ready to go to school because I listen to our Hot AC station every morning. This particular morning, they happened to play Just the Way You Are by Bruno Mars. Animal by Neon Trees seemed to actually debut on the Hot AC stations, another sign of the increasing lean toward Hot AC for the next decade. On that note, another thing I’ve noticed is that Victoria BC’s 107.3 Kool FM is listed as Hot AC, but plays songs I’ve never heard, as well as songs that are played on top 40 stations here in the U.S. I also wonder if Bangore’s Z 107.3 is going in a more Hot AC direction, as they play some of the rhythmic top 40 music, but have a Hot AC sound as well.

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