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some steps from my journal

In one of my journal entries I write about how to record the radio on a BrailleNote. To do this, follow these steps,

1. from the media menu, select media setup menu, then select recording options.
2. At the default input source setting, press space with dots 3-4 until fm radio is displayed.
3. If you use the record button, also do the same as step 2 with the record button input source.
4. Now turn on your radio and tune to a station.
5. Press the record button or start recording. The recording quality is very, very, good. Continue reading

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mourning the death of an icon

I have been listening to Mariners radio for as long as I can remember. Since 1983, the lineup of broadcasters has remained virtually unchanged, with the exception of the color commentators. Now however, Mariners radio will never be the same. Dave Niehaus passed away today at the age of 75. Just a couple of years ago, he was inducted into the broadcasters wing of the hall of fame. He will surely be missed. Continue reading

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streaming vs. actual listening

Something hit me recently regarding streaming. It’s kind of cool to be able to listen to radio stations across the country from wherever you are. However, it seems to me like streams sound a little different when you don’t listen to them from the local area. Maybe it’s being in the market? Portland’s k103 seems to sound different when I’m listening to it online than in the local area. Any thoughts? Continue reading

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Austin radio station flips formats

On December 20, 2005, Clear Channel Communications started a new Adult Contemporary/Contemporary Christian format called the river on KPEZ in Austin, Texas. Due to FCC regulations, Clear Channel had to sell one station in Austin. Sister station KFMK was chosen, and on May 31, 2010, KFMK and KPEZ swapped formats. On September 20, 2010, the station shifted to Spirit 105.9 and dropped the AC music when Christa Broadcasting bought the station. This in itself I see as a weird move as Christa’s other three stations are in the northwest. About 2 months before discovering the river, I stopped listening to our local Christian station, KCMS in favor of our local Hot AC, KPLZ. The River was a pleasant find, as it featured Christian music that I was familiar with from listening to KCMS for 5 years, along with the Clear Channel AC sound I have come to like. Although the response to the new station has been good, I was very disappointed when I found out about the river’s demise. Any comments? Continue reading

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