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radio is killing itself!

I don’t know if I agree with this statement, but those were the words of a user on the radio info discussion boards last week. The discussion came about after Portland, Oregon’s KUFO flipped from active rock to a simulcast of sister news/talk station KXL. The change leaves Portland without an active rocker. In an earlier post, I complained that not many stations in this area had ITunes tagging, allowing users to tag songs they liked off of the radio. If everyone changes there format to talk, then what would be the use of this technology? HD might pick up a lot of the slack, but I considder myself the radio guy of the house and I don’t even have an HD radio. Do people like the talk stations? Is radio going to be worth listening to in another 20 years? It seems like most of the world thinks my generation will grow up listening to there portable music players, and I’m seeing that somewhat throughout my own school. If they do listen to the radio, it’s probably KBKS, KUBE, sometimes KQMV, or the rockers might turn to KISW. I wonder if the people on radio-info were right in saying that KISW has about 6 months left. Here, we have several stations that could pick up the slack, KLCK could pick up most of the listeners displaced by KISW with its alternative rock-leaning modern AC format, or KNDD with its alternative rock format, the two adult hits stations, KSGX and KJAQ, or even KZOK’s classic rock format. I guess the same thing could be said about Portland, but there modern AC sounds nothing like KLCK, it sounds more like a traditional hot AC. I predict that 80s classic rocker KFBW will change to hopefully fill the gap. Continue reading

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