Why Eugene is a tough market for translators

This time last month I was in Eugene, Oregon, which was the first stop on a 4 day, 4 city minor league baseball tour with my dad. Since my dad insisted on leaving early that morning from Seattle and the longest drive between the other cities was about 2 hours, I had plenty of time to DX. I was already fairly familiar with the radio in the region since although I had never been to Eugene itself before, I had been down that way. To add to that, Eugene was one of the Global Tuners nodes I frequented. I took my standard these days, the Grundig G8, and was very surprised at the results.
If you’ve talked to me before, you know that one thing that annoys me is stations that have translators in areas where their main signal is adiquit. I did come across KRKT’s Salem translator, which I don’t think they need, but most of the stations I heard were less cut and dry. What I noticed was many of the Portland stations, which were clear as locals on the GT node and clear enough on the car radio, were non-existant on the G8. The G8 made the translators necisary, while the higher quality radios seemed to do fine on any higher quality radio, which surprised me because the G8 is a pretty good radio.

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