Thoughts on Beasley’s complaint against WVVF

Last week, Beasley filed a complaint with the FCC against WVVF-LP, which runs a Spanish Classic Hits format, competing with their Spanish CHR WYUU.
First off, as Lance Venta pointed out here this complaint is built only against the station’s programming, which the FCC doesn’t get involved in. This sure does make Beasley look bad at the very least. As was pointed out in the article above, this is also a new station, so its full programming lineup is not on the air yet. Even if it was, the FCC wouldn’t get involved. If they do, the consequences could change the industry forever. If they do, not only could it open the door for fights between commercial and non-commercial operators, but I wouldn’t be surprised if even some commercial stations go after other stations for not serving the public interest, such as the many Jack or Bob stations that only play jockless music. It should also be pointed out that iHeart Media, if they wanted, could go after KISN-LP in Portland. In that situation their Classic Hits KLTH has a lot more to worry about than here, but a 100 watt LPFM can’t really do much against a 50 or 100 kw fm signal.

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