Daily domains roundup

In early July, Radio Insight started doing a premium “Daily domains” report, which I’m not sure why it’s called “daily” because it’s only done on Fridays. Here, we’re going to run down a list of domains that have been registered but are not in use as of this writing. I hope this can become a monthly roundup. This report will be longer than most since it covers nearly 3 months of domain registrations rather than just 1. Alternate domains tied to a station that has recently changed will not be included in this report.

Not in use

Entravision registered 1071LaVoz.com and laVoz1071.com for KSSC/KSSD/KSSE, all at 107.1 in the Los Angeles area.
Adelman Broadcasting has registered 985KGIL.com. The company is in the process of purchasing the station.
Townsquare Media has registered several domains tied to 106.5 W293CT, which is moving to Duluth to rebroadcast 560 ESPN WEBC. The domains are 1065music.com, 1065rocks.com, sasquatch1065.com, SquatchRocks.com, and TheSquatchRocks.com. With WEBC stunting with Christmas music as of Wednesday afternoon, it’s only a matter of time now until this one happens.
Skywards Media has registered 1055hitsfm.com, .net, .info, and .ca for its soon-to-launch Classic Hits station in suburban Torronto.
Federated Media has registered Big923.com for what is now 92.3 WOWO-FM, which simulcasts 1190 WOWO in Fort Wayne. WOWO will still be heard on fm via a translator at 107.5 when that change happens.
Cumulus has registered 1005MuseFM.com for either WJQX/Birmingham AL or WHLZ/Florence SC. Lance also had a feeling this might be for some contest promotion, so we may never know about this one. Muse FM does seem like a very odd branding for a station. We may never know what this one is for.
Anonymous registrations were made for AllHits977.com, 973Outlaw.com, 973TheOutlaw.com, Outlaw973.com, TheOutlaw973.com, 1067TheRide.com, TheRide1067.com, Ride1067.com, RadioZ955fm.com, 967TheBoss.com, and love953.com.
Radio One has registered several domains including TheBlockColumbus.com, TheBlockRichmond.com, TheBlockHouston.com, and TheBlockCleveland.com after launching the brand in Charlotte NC. The company registered domains in the above format for all of its markets, as well as a few shortened market name domains for St Lewis STL, Indy, and Cincinnati Cincy.
Bethesda Christian Broadcasting has registered 979TheBreeze.com, .net, and .org for what is now Christian CHR 97.9 The Point KTPT/Rapid City, SD.
Salem has registered 620AMTheAnswer.com for its soon-to-close acquisition of KMKI from Radio Disney. While this station flipped to business earlier this week, could the company be using this for another one of it’s pending station acquisitions?
Townsquare Media has registered 1049TheEdge.com .net and .us. I can’t see them blowing up WSJO, and KQCS just flipped last summer from rock to Country. That leaves AC WBXX/Battle Creek MI.
Tyler Media has registered Exitos965.com and 965exitos.com for K243BJ Oklahoma City. I’m unsure what that translator is doing, as the CHR format that was on that translator moved to 92.9 several months ago.
Always Mountain Time has registered 1047TheEagle.com for its pending acquisition of 104.7 The Mile KKVM/Vail, CO. Although no change has been made yet, I’m told by a friend that a flip is iminant.
Brewer Broadcasting has registered a number of domains tied to its 106.9 translator in Chatinuga. They are Alt1069.com, 1069Alternative.com, 1069TheAlternative.com, 1069Underground.com, 1069TheUnderground.com, and Easy1069.com. All but the last signal a flip to Alternative.
John Jason Bennett has registered several domains for his recently aquired translators in Tulsa. They are Easy949.com, Joy949.com, Praise949.com, and Smooth949.com for what is now 94.7K235BK. Replacing 949 with 1057 in the above domains brings up more domains registered by Bennett. He already owns Spirit949.com, but has registered Spirit1057.com, .net, .org, and .info for 105.7 K289CC. In addition, he registered Boom949.com, OldSkool949.com, OldSchool949.com, HeartAndSoul949.com, and Star949.com for 94.9.
Jeff Degraw, the VP/Sales for My Broadcasting Corp. has registered ClassicRock1079.com and .ca for their pending acquisition of Classick Hits 107.9 The Breeze CHUK-FM/Coburg, ON.
Someone, somewhere is attempting to reserect the classic Power Cow branding used on 106.9 in Birmingham in the late 80s. An anonymous registration was made for 1071ThePowerCow.com.
In a strange move, Confederate Media has registered several domains, all with a hello message for Lance. They are in the format 925TheBull.com. Other frequencies registered are 93.1, 94.3, 94.7, 95.9, 97.7, 100.1, 100.5, 101.3, 101.5, 101.9, 103.1, 103.3, 103.5, 103.7, 103.9, 104.3, 104.7, 104.9, 105.1, 105.5, 106.1, and 107.5. Other frequencies also represented by domains Confederate already owns domains in the same format are 92.1, 96.3, 97.9, 104.1, and 106.5.
Monticello Media has purchased Cville1075.com for WCHV/Charlottesville, VA. No word on whether this is a rebranding of the news/talk simulcast with WCHV-AM or whether 107.5 is breaking off.
In early July, iHeart Media registered Alt1057.com, but there’s been no word since then on where that domain belongs.
Jessica and Mike Nugent have registered ClassicRock991.com for KSEK-FM/Pitsburg, KS.
iHeart Media has registered TexasSportsConnection.com and TXSportsConnection.com for an unknown purpose.
Dom Theodore, who is a minority owner in WHTP/Portland ME and who owns Hot AC WCDY/Cadillac, MI looks to be adding a new station to his holdings, but we’re still not sure what this is. The domains registered are 1071TheHawk.com and 1071TheHog.com.
Summit Media has registered 1039Jamz.com, Jamz1039.com, Jamz103.com, and JamzLouisville.com for what is now Clasic Country WRKA/Louisville, KY.
An employee of Stratermyer Media has registered Duke1033.com for use on a Paducah, KY translator CP currently owned by Edgewater Broadcasting.
Wilks Broadcasting has registered 1003TheMix.com for Hot AC KIMN/Denver, CO, which is currently known as Mix 100.
iHeart Media has registered Big1037.com. We’re not sure if this is for WQOL/Vero Beach, FL or KOSF/San Francisco, CA. The latter already uses the Big 103.7 name, but uses big1037fm.com.
PromoSuite has registered talk1067.com, but we have no idea where this will end up.
Federated Media Vice President Tony Richards has registered y1051.com, which is speculated to be used for WVRY/Waverly, TN.
Bill Lacy has registered 1033RelaxFM.com for 89.3 KRSA/Moss Beach 103.3 K277CH/San Francisco, CA.
Redrock Broadcasting has registered Q102Utah.com for its pending acquisition KCDC/LaVerkin, UT.
Synclaire Tellicable has registered Classical955.com for 100.9 KSXY-HD2 K238AF/Santa Rosa, CA.
An anonymous registration has been made for Jammin1049.com. We’ve also seen registrations for Majic1049Waco.com and Magic1049Waco.com, as well as Jammin1045.com for a 104.5 translator in the Waco area. The changes are coming to KBHT in the Waco area.

wrong station

The following domains were registered and redirecting to websites for stations that wouldn’t become the final destination.
iHeart Media registered 957Bigfm.com, which at the time of registration was redirecting to the website of CHR Y95.7 KOSY/Cedar Rapids, IA. The final destination actually was sister Classic Hits WRIT-FM/Milwaukee, WI.
iHeart also registered Real1039.com which was redirecting to the website of WXEG/Dayton, OH. The final destination for that domain would end up being a translator in Las Vegas.


The following domains were registered for rebrandings to emphasize the fm rather than the am frequency without a change in format at the station.
Hubbard Broadcasting is now running K224CJ/Phoenix, AZ, which is rebroadcasting Oldies Arizona Gold 1440 KAZG. Hubbard has registered AZGold927.com, ArizonaGold927.com, ArizonaOldies927.com, AZOldies927.com, GoldenOldies927.com, and 927Oldies.com. No word on a rebranding at the station.
Riverbend Communications has registered KIER101FM.com for K266AF which rebroadcasts 1260 KIER/Idaho Falls.
James Smit wasted little time registering 1053WSGC.com for the pending acquisition of his station in tignal GA, but no word on if that is in use yet.
Madison Radio Partners has registered 1230KRXK.com, 947KRXK.com, 94KRXK.com, and KRXK947.com for 1230 KRXK/Rexburg, ID.
Note, some of these were just registered, so I’ll do a section in future reports for domains that have been tied to stations since this report.

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