Daily Domains October Roundup

This is a little late since I didn’t get the content I need for this report. Nevertheless, here we go.

In Use Since Last Report

Last month I reported that Adelman Broadcasting had registered 985KGIL.com and based on what I’ve been hearing, that domain is in use now, haven’t confirmed this though.
In mid-October, Townsquare Media did in fact launch Sasquatch 106.5 with Classic Rock.
Another update to last month, I reported that Federated Media had registered big923.com for WOWO-FM/Fort Wayne, IN. Just in the last week the station has changed calls, so it’s only a matter of time now.
The sale of KKVM/Vail, CO to Always Mountain Time never closed, but the station did change formats. The name of the station escapes me at this time.
Last month, I mentioned that Brewere Broadcasting had registered several domains tied to Alternative at its 106.9 translator in Chatinuga. A couple weeks ago, the station dropped its format and is stunting with Christmas music.
Also in the last report, Synclaire Tellicable had registered classical955.com for 100.9 KSXY-HD2 and its translator at 95.5. The station made the flip last week.
Last but not least, we now know what’s going on in Waco TX. The 104.9 signal did go Urban Ac as Magic, while 104.5 went Jammin.

New Domains

iHeart Media has registered South947TheLegend.com and 947TheLegend.com for 94.7 W234BX/Highland Pines, GA. This station would be paired as a Classic Country brand extention for South 106.1 in the market.
With WFLM/Vero Beach, FL holding a CP to move to 104.5, its owners have registered 1045TheFlame.com and 1045wflm.com.
Northern Lights Broadcasting has registered go953.com, g953.com, and goNorthMN.com for its pending acquisition of KNOF/St. Paul, MN. That brand is currently heard on 96.3 KTWN, but the new signal, despite covering a smaller geographic area, will serve more of the urbanized portions of the market.
Community First Broadcasting is in the process of aquiring KRAQ/Jackson, MN but is not going to keep the current format or call letters, as they registered 1057ktry.com, ktry1057.com, and ktryfm.com for the station.
Manhattan Broadcasting has registered 937kman.com for 1350 and 93.3 KMAN/Manhattan, KS.
Salem Communications has registered 1690ktmt.com, BusinessRadio1690.com, and MoneyTalk1690.com for what is now KDDZ/Arvada, CO. The KTMT call letters have also been reserved for the station.
Someone at iHeart Media thinks Cumulus is going to revert WZAT/Savanna, GA to its heritage Z102 name. An employee of iHeart registered Z102Radio.com and Z102savanna.com.
Alpha Media has registered TheBullSA.com for KHHL/Karns City, TX. Making this interesting is that iHeart Media grabbed The Bull name for its Classic Country 92.5 KRPT/Devine first. Will Alpha go forward with a flip of the station to country under another branding?
Randy Wachter has reregistered 1043fmx.com for KKAC/Vandalia, MO. The station had been using that name with an AAA format briefly last year before it went dark.
Brewer Broadcasting has registered sunny953hd3.com for WPLZ in the Chatinuga, TN area. With Edgewater Broadcasting’s 92.7 W224AZ holding a CP to upgrade to 250 wats and rebroadcast WPLZ-HD3, I’m thinking to watch for a registration for sunny927.com.
Torrez Media Valleyfield has registered max103.com for CKOD-FM/Valleyfield, QB which it purchased earlier this year.
Salem has registered 1380TheBiz.com and am1380TheBiz.com for its pending acquisition of 1380 WWMI/Saint Petersburg, FL.
Also a pending acquisition, Salem has registered BusinessRadio1440.com and TwinCitiesBusinessRadio.com for 1440 KDIZ/Golden Valley, MN.
Finally, TheAnswerSTL.com, TheAnswerSTLouis.com, and TheAnswerSaintLouis.com were registered for 1260 WSDZ/Bellville, IL. Salem is in the process of buying all three stations from Radio Disney.
iHeart Media had registered TheBullCountry.com with no destination indicated.
iHeart also registered RealOldies971.com for K246CI/Cheyenne, WY.
They also registered 991kiss.com for K256AE/Provo, UT. I’m mentioning this one because I’ve heard no word on whether KYUU has flipped to Kiss, but it was supposed to on November 1.
Broadway registered kiss1051.com, KatCountry1051.com, and 1051TheEagle.com for that station, which was predicted to flip to Kiss on November 1, but no word on whether that happened. Another registration made earlier this year was for mix1051slc.com and mix1051utah.com, indicating that CHR KUDD would move its format to 105.1.
Leighton Broadcasting has registered 99MoreFM.com, but they have three stations that could fit that branding. I’m going to go with a rebranding of Lite Rock 99.9 KCML/Saint Joseph, MN.
Saga Communications has registered 1055Outlaw.com, 1055TheOutlaw.com, Outlaw1055.com and
TheOutlaw1055.com for 105.5 W288CQ Asheville, NC. This follows August registrations for OutlawAshville.com and AshvilleOutlaw.com. WJBE/Powell, TN appears to be headed for a rebranding as the station registered jammin997.com, .net, and .org.
Stratermeyer Media has added another possible brand for its soon-to-launch station in Paducka, KY. RiverCountry103.com and RiverCountry1033.com were registered recently. Anonymous registrations were made for kicks963.com, my98five.com, 983talk.com, espn1067.com, 943JackFM.com, ThePulse107.com, ThePulse1077.com,
Liberty923.com, 987TheFever.com, 987Ville.com, MyMagic1049.com, 975Mega.com, 1045TheEdge.com and TheEdge1045.com.

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