Daily Domains December Roundup

Since there wasn’t much to report on in November, there was no roundup last month, but we’re back with more just in time for the new year.

In Use Since Last Report

It appears that Adelman Broadcasting has taken over 98.5 KGIL.
Earlier this month, Jessica and Mike Nugent finally made the change of KSEK/Pitsburg, KS. The station is now calling itself Classic Rock 99.1.
We now know what’s happened in Waco, as Jammin1045.com is for a Classic Hits station on the 104.5 translator and 104.9 hd2, while 104.9 did go Urban AC as Magic 104.9.
iHeart Media registered South947TheLegend.com and 947TheLegend.com in the period of our last report. This appears to have been nothing more than a rebranding of the existing Classic Country station in the market.
Salem did flip KDIZ/Golden Valley, MN to business, moving the format from 1570 in the market.
iHeart Media did launch Real Oldies 97.1 on K246CI/Cheyenne, WY shortly after the last report went up.
Another flip from well in the past is Saga launching an Outlaw in Ashville NC, as W288CQ did make the flip.
Brewer Broadcasting registered BigEasy1069.com last month and right after Christmas launched Soft Oldies using that name.
In August, I reported that Bethesda Christian Broadcasting had registered 979TheBreze.com for KTPT/Rapid City, SD. The station made the flip just this morning.
Federated Media finally made the change at WFWI/Fort Wayne IN. The station is now a hybrid Classic Hits Variety Hits station.
While it hasn’t happened as of the time this was published, Northern Lights Broadcasting has announced they will launch Go 95.3 at 6 A.M. tomorrow morning.

New Domains

Alpha Media has registered Energy941.com for either WHBC-FM/Canton, OH or more likely a rebrand at KTFM/Floresville, TX.
Brian Doran, owner of 92.1 WCKR/Hornell, NY has registered 921TheGame.net.
An Anonymous registration was made for KSGXFM.com, but we’re pretty sure that goes with the new 104.1 KSGX/Toquerville, UT.
Anonymous registrations: 1009Star.com, 99RealRock.com, 920TheJersey.com, 920FoxSports.com, Easy963.com, LaRaza927.com, ClassicHits949.com, Vibe1043.com, 941TheRide.com, Mega1310.com and Mega975.com.
Is there a chance the Beautiful Music format could be returning to KNXR/Rochester, MN? Domains have appeared indicating so, at least if Minisota Valley Broadcasting buys the station. The domains are 975KNXR.com, 975KNXRFM.com, KNXR97-5.com, KNXR975.com, and KNXRFM.com.
Forever Media will soon bring its recently aquired station in line with the branding structure used by the company, as they registered rocky106.com for WKGO/Cumberland, MD.
Baker Family Stations, the secular arm of Positive Alternative Radio has registered 94qfm.com for 810 WPIN and its 94.1 soon-to-be 94.3 translator in Dublin, VA.
Summit Media looks to be launching the Play brand used in Richmond and as of this morning Louisville in Birmingham AL as play973.com was registered a couple weeks ago.

Finally, 975Pride.com was registered for K247CC/Austin, TX.
place yet.

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