Middle School

I’m not much of an NPR listener, or really to talk radio in general. Some of it is interesting, but if I listen to talk, usually I don’t get anything else done. That being said, the podcasts app, built into the iPhone since iOS 8, has started to change that. I first started with Car Talk, then the Ted Radio Hour, and now This American Life from NPR, as well as a handful of other podcasts. It’s an episode of This American Life that I’ll cover today, the episode that sealed the deal for me as a subscriber.
The episode was this one, exploring middle school. So, why am I talking about it? Because, it’s not every day I hear something on the radio that moves me to tears, the last time this happened being 9-11-11, when I heard a powerful tribute to 9-11 on Delilah. Little did I know that around the same time, this episode was being produced, and was reran last week. Why I cried at parts of this episode is something I can’t really put into words, but the reality of the awkwardness, the identity crisis, and everything else that happens at that stage of life was highlighted so well in that episode. I look back at that time in my own life as being enjoyable, but at the same time going through a lot of what was discussed as far as dating, and identity crisis in that episode, and was extremely moved by the reality of it all. Some of the stories shared through This American Life I really don’t have any experience with, but this is one we all go through. I would encourage everyone to listen to this episode and maybe it’ll bring back some memories from your own middle school days. Does this episode move you as much as it did me? I’d be curious of your thoughts.

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