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music genres

Top 40 stations play what’s hot, hot AC stations play the same with a little older lean and more towards pop, rhythmic stations play HipHop and wrap songs, modern rock stations play the songs that are listed as alternative or rock, rhythmic AC stations play R and B music, AC stations play pop music from about 1980 to present, classic rock stations play the rock before that period, oldies stations play the pop from earlier than that, and country and religious stations play there respective music. If it were only that simple! The reality is is that some songs sound similar to other songs that are in another genre. Therefore the allignment given above rarely if ever works. Some songs are better suited to pop but are on a dance and house album. This happens for example with Pink, and her album funhouse. Any comments? Continue reading

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mourning the death of an icon

I have been listening to Mariners radio for as long as I can remember. Since 1983, the lineup of broadcasters has remained virtually unchanged, with the exception of the color commentators. Now however, Mariners radio will never be the same. Dave Niehaus passed away today at the age of 75. Just a couple of years ago, he was inducted into the broadcasters wing of the hall of fame. He will surely be missed. Continue reading

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journalism isn’t dead

Yesterday I had the opportunity to attend journalism education day at the University of Washington. Although many people may think that journalism is dead, one of the things that they said more than once yesterday is that journalism has never been more alive, partially due to the new technology. However, another misconception was shown yesterday, which is that people my age actually read print newspapers more than online newspapers. I also would like to give a plug for fight for the right to write : is trying to pass a law in the state making all student newspapers open forums andsaying that the school districts can’t be sued for content in these papers. I’m really glad I went and I hope that this bill passes. ,keep an eye on there website for future updates. Continue reading

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