iTunes Tagging

There were a couple posts on here about iTunes tagging, the ability to tag songs off the radio and have them on your iPod. I’m not sure how much the station gets from it as far as revenue, and I’ve found that it may not always tag the right version or won’t find the song. This is where searching the store comes in handy, but sometimes it’s good to be able to tag a song off of the radio. I’ve also found that top 40 stations are no different than other types of stations, the American Top 40 website is just another option to find songs from current artists. In conclusion, I thought iTunes tagging had many benefits for both stations and consumers. More experience and more research has proven that a little wrong. While tagging has its benefits, it’s just another option in the world of finding music on iTunes. Personally, I’ve moved away from it and I’ve imbraced more traditional methods of searching the iTunes store, at least in part because I no longer use my iPod much since I got the iPhone.


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