Here are a few useful links to get you browsing the web for something to do or something new to look at. Most people probably know about facebook so I’ll just say I’m on it. KOMO news and KIRO-TV are good news sources in Seattle. The blind geek zone is a great place to find audio tutorials, lots of links to good websites in any category you could emagine and more. It would be the main place I got my audio tutorials from until Joseph Lee started a website devoted to the BrailleNote which is a product made by HumanWare. I also like to research radio stations on wikipedia then search for the station’s callsign. I’ve recently discovered a really amazing place called Sky High Sports that is so much fun! In the summer of 2009, I participated in the NFB Youth Slam. This link will take you to where you can learn more about the program. This link will take you to the site that the news track posted on to cover the event. Here’s the link to the aircheck site I run.

If you’re looking for radio stations to stream online, check out the radio directory for a few of my favorites. I am always updating this page, so check back often for new links.


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