Random Trends

Below is a list of random trends I posted up here a few years ago when I actually maintained this site.


When I made the original post in December of 2010, 95.7 KJR-FM had been playing Christmas music for a little over a month, and I posted that I had been hearing them everywhere. It turns out that they finished second behind the regular Christmas station, Warm 106.9 KRWM, the above finishing with an 11 share while KJR-FM, which rebranded as Oldies 95.7 after Christmas, finished with a 7.7. It would be interesting to see the numbers for the holiday book, as usually a station can get away with being #1 in this market with a share somewhere in the low to mid 6s.

Sky High

In 2010, I was really obsessed with a place called Sky High, and I went 4 times that year. I went once in mid-June, once in mid-July exactly 4 weeks after the first time, then twice in December, then went about 2 weeks later. Then, I didn’t go again until January of this year. Unfortunately, they closed the Seattle location now, but I quickly found Elevates Sportz where I can hopefully set a new trend.


When I first started this blog, I had a category entirely dedicated to updates about the site. When I deleted that category, it drastically reduced the number of posts on this site.

Non-consistancey in updates, but not in number of posts

I must have counted wrong when I posted about this, as I counted each post in my archives, and didn’t find much in the way of consistancey in the number of posts. Maybe that was before the announcements category was deleted. The trend had been 4 posts in every month since the blog’s creation except in July and August. Now, though, I only count 3 in both May and June, and 4 in August, and 3 in September. Then the numbers start fluctuating wildly. This one may change radically though with the restructuring of the site in the next few days.


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